The Šimnovi apartments are located in a quiet location in the Tuhinjska dolina Valley.

Near Kamnik, Ljubljana, airports, terme Snovik, as well as all the beautiful corners of Slovenia. We host you in peace and away from the crowded cities.

There are meadows, pastures and woods around the house, and there is a puddle of drinking water just a throw away.

You can have open windows day and night…

You’re going to hear the crickets, the birds or the deer in the night, or some other domestic animals.

In the very near, (Summer and autumn) graze cows, sheep, donkeys and horses.

But when you get to rest of the city bustle, slow around.

On foot you can see nearby forests, fields and meadows, but if you have the option to walk a long hour or two, you will find:

A beautiful church on a hill that has almost a thousand years of history, with a black kitchen. All of this can be viewed on weekends and served with tea or homemade fruit. Link to Sveti Miklavž mountain.

Snovik Thermal spa with outdoor swimming pools, a restaurant, saunas. Link Terme Snovik

In the neighborhood, you can buy homemade trout, a farmer’s homemade milk, cheese, curd, salami or musts… There’s a good time on the farm side!

You can use your bike to hit the Kamnik, buy donuts on Trojane or even further…


GP Trojane


However, if you take a day of time, the whole of Slovenia is on your hands, from the Prekmurje plains with delicacies, and a mortar with excellent wines.

A little closer is the Savinjska valley where you can find the fountain of beer, but the limitless possibilities of hiking-e.g. Logarska Dolina.

To the west, you can find Bled, Bohinj, Triglav National Park, or Postojna with the largest attractive-postojna cave link Postojna Cave.

The sea is just a little more than an hour’s drive…

But the most beautiful of course is at hand…

We are surrounded by mountains, many of which are accessible by foot, but if you ride with a car for 10 minutes, you have a starting point for the beautiful Kamnik Savinja Alps, with the Grintovec, Skuta, Ojstrica, the Kamnisko or Kokrsko saddle.

But if you’re not quite the mountain, there’s a gem of the Kamnik Alps, which is worth seeing. Some of us don’t get tired of it even if we visit it ten times every year.

This is the Velika Planina, with pristine alpine settlements, the possibility of strolls, sightseeing, fresh milk use…

On Velika Planina you can walk, moderate walking a good hour, or if you start a little lower, two hours.

Alternatively, you can bring a pendulum and a chairlift to the top of the mountain.


Velika Planina